Eye-Catching Letters & Logos for Your Business

When you demand quality that stands the test of time, trust ARTISAN VISUAL GROUP to deliver. Whether used for interior or exterior purposes, our 3D sign letters and logos are sure to make you appreciate the durability and custom finishes that we deliver. We have a wide selection of materials that can be used to create your logo letter designs and dimensional letters. When you work with us, you’ll find what you need to achieve the exact look you wish to create while staying on budget. Speak to our team when you are looking for the highest-quality:


Stainless Steel

Brass & Bronze


Plastic Sign Letters & Logos

Custom acrylic three-dimensional letters are a lightweight, yet highly durable option available to businesses looking to create impressive letter designs for their company. Available in any color system, these letters are cut with our Epilog™ laser system to achieve super-smooth, 90-degree, crisp edges for your logo letters.

Metal Sign Letters & Logos

It is common for our signage company to work with businesses looking to create metal letter designs for the interior and exterior of their building. That is why we offer a wide variety of different metal choices for our customers to choose from. Brass letters, for example, are a premium choice that features either a polished finished or a non-directional finish that will look good in your property. These brass logo letters are a longstanding favorite among professionals. All of our brass lettering and logos are cut on our waterjet metal cutting system to ensure precision.

Bronze sign letters are another option that provides a wide variety of looks for our clients to choose from. These logo letters can feature a polisher waterjet cut, an oxidized cut, or an antiqued metal finish. No matter what finish you want, our team can ensure that the finalized 3D letters meet your design expectations.

Looking for durability? Stainless steel letters and logos have got what you want. These three-dimensional letters are made from only the finest stainless steel that is cut from a plate to ensure a very modern, clean, and sleek look. Cut or fabricated from alloy 304 or 316L, your stainless steel logo letters are going to look amazing when they are fabricated and finished by our trained team of specialists.

Finally, aluminum letters and logos can be delivered to you in a brushed, polished, or painted finish. Aluminum architectural lettering is a very popular signage choice. Once you see the final products we deliver, it will be fairly obvious as to why. Cut from alloy 5052, our aluminum letters and logos are an effective choice for both interior and exterior signage. The best part? Everything is made right here in the United States of America and is guaranteed for life.

Contact us when you are looking for eye-catching letter logo designs for your business or organization. Our team is ready to design, create, and ship 3D letters and logos to customers located throughout the entire country, including those in New York City and Miami, Florida.