Striking Stainless Steel Letters & Logos

Wondering what makes stainless steel signs different than aluminum signs? The answer is in how they reflect light. While aluminum letters and logos reflect light as white, stainless steel letters and logos reflect light in a much darker shade, almost black. This gives stainless steel letters a richer, warmer feel than aluminum, which might just be the better option for your company.

Artisan Visual Group is a stainless steel sign company that is proud to provide businesses looking for stainless steel lettering and signage that reflects their bold company mission. The stainless steel letters and signs created by our skilled manufacturers are a great option for companies looking to make a strong statement with their logo.

Mandarin Oriental
satin stainless steel letters

Satin Stainless Steel Letters

polished stainless steel letters

Polished Stainless Steel Letters

non-directional stainless steel letters

Non-directional Stainless Steel Letters

hotel numbers

Hotel Number Signage

Creating Your Stainless Steel Signs

All of our stainless steel letters, logos, and signs are cut from alloy 304 using our Flow waterjet cutting system. This impressive system allows for the highest-quality cut and accuracy so your stainless steel signage looks exactly how you want it to. All of the edges and returns of our sign letters and logos are sandblasted after they have been cut to achieve uniformity in finish. If the environment you live in requires the use of alloy 316L, please contact our team to learn more about our pricing.

Speaking of pricing, you might be shocked at how affordable it is to design, fabricate, and install the stainless steel signs you want for your business. Our team is ready to provide you with an estimate on the project you want completed and can even add a number of unique options at just a small additional cost. Some of the additional fabrication options we offer include:

  • Satin Finished Letters (#4 Brushed Vertical or Horizontal)
  • Painted Letters to Your Specifications
  • Polished Mirror Finish for Letters or Logos
  • Non-Directional & Orbital Finished Letters Prepped for Paint
  • Drill Patterns, Tapped Letters & Pins for Installation

Union Square

The Setai

Contact us to learn more about the stainless steel sign letters and logos we offer to our clients. Our stainless steel sign company is proud to work with individuals located throughout the entire United States.